Lexus NX: Head-up display

The head-up display can be used to project vehicle speed and other information onto the windshield.

System components

Lexus NX. Head-up display

  1. Head-up display
    Display brightness will change automatically according to the brightness of the surrounding area.
  2. Display position adjustment switch
  3. Display brightness adjustment switch
    Display brightness can be adjusted to the desired level.
  4. "HUD" button
  5. "DISP" button

Head-up display contents

Displays the selected shift position or selected shift range

Displays audio information for approximately 3 seconds when the audio system is operated

When approaching an intersection while the navigation system is giving route guidance, an arrow will automatically be displayed to indicate the direction of travel.

Switching the head-up display

■ "HUD" button Pressing the button turns the head-up display on/off and changes the vehicle speed display units as follows:


OFF ON (MPH) ON (km/h) OFF


OFF ON (km/h) ON (MPH) OFF

Lexus NX. Head-up display

■ "DISP" button Pressing the button changes the display items A (except vehicle speed) as follows:

Lexus NX. Head-up display

■Head-up display


■Before using the head-up display Check that the position and brightness of the head-up display image does not interfere with safe driving. Incorrect adjustment of the image's position or brightness may obstruct the driver's view and lead to an accident, resulting in death or serious injury.

■Caution for changing settings of the head-up display As the hybrid system needs to be operating while changing the settings of the head-up display, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a place with adequate ventilation.

In a closed area such as a garage, exhaust gases including harmful carbon monoxide (CO) may collect and enter the vehicle. This may lead to death or a serious health hazard.


■To prevent damage to components

Lexus NX. Head-up display

■When changing the settings of the head-up display To prevent 12-volt battery discharge, ensure that the hybrid system is operating while changing the settings of the head-up display.

Making the display easier to see

■ Adjusting the display position

Lexus NX. Head-up display

  1. Higher
  2. Lower

■ Setting the brightness The brightness of the display is automatically adjusted in accordance with the brightness of the surrounding environment.

However, the brightness can also be manually adjusted in 9 stages.

Lexus NX. Head-up display

  1. Brighter
  2. Darker

Hybrid System Indicator

Lexus NX. Head-up display

  1. Charge area
    Shows regenerative charging.
  2. Hybrid Eco area
    Shows that gasoline engine power is not being used very often.
    The gasoline engine will automatically stop and restart under various conditions.
  3. Eco area
    Shows that the vehicle is being driven in an Eco-friendly manner.
  4. Power area
    Shows that an Eco-friendly driving range is being exceeded (during full power driving, etc.)

Route guidance display (vehicles with navigation system)

When the vehicle approaches an intersection, the direction the vehicle should go is guided by the arrow.

When the vehicle approaches an intersection, the route guidance will start and the distance* to the intersection will also be displayed.

*: The distance indication will disappear when the vehicle passes through the intersection.

Lexus NX. Head-up display

Speed limit display (vehicles with navigation system)

Displays the speed limit for the current road.

Lexus NX. Head-up display

Display customization

Select to display/non-display the following items:

When customizing vehicle features, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe place with the shift lever in P and the parking brake set.

Lexus NX. Head-up display

1. Until the screen changes, continue pressing the "DISP" button, and it will repeat until the item desired to be changed is displayed.

Customization can be performed when the head-up display is on.

2. Press the "DISP" button to switch between on and off.

On and off will be switched between each time the button is pressed.

If the button is left alone without being operated for a short time, setting will be finished automatically.

■When the 12-volt battery is disconnected The customize settings of the head-up display will be reset.


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