Lexus NX Owners Manual

      L For your information
      L Pictorial index
      L For safety and security
           L For safe use
                L Before driving
                L For safe driving
                L Seat belts
                L SRS airbags
                L Front passenger occupant classification system
           L Child safety
           L Lexus Enform
                L Lexus Enform Safety Connect
                L Lexus Enform Remote
           L Hybrid system
                L Hybrid system features
                L Hybrid system precautions
           L Theft deterrent system
      L Vehicle status information and indicators
           L Warning lights and indicators
           L Gauges and meters
           L Multi-information display
           L Head-up display
           L Energy monitor/fuel consumption screen
      L Before driving
           L Key information
           L Opening, closing and locking the doors
                L Side doors
                L Back door
                L Smart access system with push-button start
           L Adjusting the seats
                L Front seats
                L Rear seats
                L Driving position memory
                L Head restraints
           L Adjusting the steering wheel and mirrors
                L Steering wheel
                L Inside rear view mirror
                L Outside rear view mirrors
           L Opening, closing the windows and moon roof
                L Power windows
                L Moon roof
      L Driving
           L Before driving
                L Driving the vehicle
                L Cargo and luggage
                L Trailer towing (vehicles with towing package)
           L Driving procedures
                L Power (ignition) switch
                L EV drive mode
                L Hybrid transmission
                L Parking brake
                L Brake Hold
           L Operating the lights and wipers
                L Headlight switch
                L Automatic High Beam
                L Windshield wipers and washer
                L Rear window wiper and washer
           L Refueling
           L Using the driving support systems
                L Lexus Safety System+ 2.0
                L PCS (Pre-Collision System)
                L LTA (Lane Tracing Assist)
                L LDA (Lane Departure Alert with steering control)
                L RSA (Road Sign Assist)
                L Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range
                L Intuitive parking assist
                L Parking Support Brake function (for static objects)
                L BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)
                L Driving assist systems
           L Driving tips
                L Hybrid vehicle driving tips
                L Winter driving tips
                L Utility vehicle precautions
      L Interior features
           L Remote Touch
           L Using the air conditioning system and defogger
                L Automatic air conditioning system
                L Heated steering wheel/seat heaters/ seat ventilators
           L Using the interior lights
           L Using the storage features
                L List of storage features
                L Luggage compartment features
           L Using the other interior features
                L Other interior features
                L Garage door opener
                L Compass
      L Maintenance and care
           L Maintenance
                L Maintenance requirements
                L General maintenance
           L Do-it-yourself maintenance
                L Do-it-yourself service precautions
                L Engine compartment
                L 12-volt battery
                L Tires
                L Tire inflation pressure
                L Wheels
                L Air conditioning filter
                L Electronic key battery
                L Checking and replacing fuses
                L Headlight aim
                L Light bulbs
      L When trouble arises
           L Essential information
           L Steps to take in an emergency
                L If your vehicle needs to be towed
                L If a warning light turns on or a warning buzzer sounds
                L If a warning message is displayed
                L If you have a flat tire
                L If the hybrid system will not start
                L If the electronic key does not operate properly
                L If the 12-volt battery is discharged
                L If your vehicle overheats
      L Vehicle specifications
           L Specifications
                L Maintenance data (fuel, oil level, etc.)
                L Fuel information
                L Tire information
           L Customization
      L For owners

Total pages: 121

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