Lexus NX: For safe use


 Before driving

Observe the following before starting off in the vehicle to ensure safety of driving. Installing floor mats Use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model and model yea

 For safe driving

For safe driving, adjust the seat and mirror to an appropriate position before driving. Correct driving posture Adjust the angle of the seatback so that you are sitting straight up and so

 Seat belts

Make sure that all occupants are wearing their seat belts before driving the vehicle. WARNING Observe the following precautions to reduce the risk of injury in the event of sudden braking, sudde


 GVIF Disconnected (from Park Assist/Monitoring ECU to EMV/MM Integrated Device) (B1574)

DESCRIPTION DTC No. Detection Item DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area B1574 GVIF Disconnected (from Park Assist/Monitoring ECU to EMV/MM Integrated Device) GVIF disconnected (from parking assist ECU to multi-display assembly) Harness or connector (GVIF cable) Multi-display

 Diagnosis System

DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The ECU stores DTCs when malfunctions occur. The diagnostic system allows for reading of the DTCs from the DLC3. Use the Techstream to check for malfunctions and perform repairs. CHECK DLC3 (a) Check the DLC3. Click here INSPECT AUXILIARY BATTERY VOLTAGE (a) Measure t

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