Lexus NX: For safety and security

Lexus NX Owners Manual / For safety and security


 For safe use

 Before driving

Observe the following before starting off in the vehicle to ensure safety of driving. Installing floor mats Use only floor mats designed specifically for vehicles of the same model and model yea

 For safe driving

For safe driving, adjust the seat and mirror to an appropriate position before driving. Correct driving posture Adjust the angle of the seatback so that you are sitting straight up and so


 Additional Key cannot be Registered

DESCRIPTION If additional registration is not possible, a malfunction in the electrical key transmitter sub-assembly, certification ECU (smart key ECU assembly), power switch, No. 2 indoor electrical key antenna assembly (front floor), steering lock ECU (steering lock actuator assembly) or door cont

 System Description

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION BRIEF DESCRIPTION (a) The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial data communication system for real time application. It is a vehicle multiplex communication system which has a high communication speed and the ability to detect malfunctions. (b) Using the CANH and CANL bus lin

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