Lexus NX: 12-volt battery


The 12-volt battery is located in the left-hand side of luggage compartment.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

■Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Therefore, observe the following precautions before recharging:

■After recharging/reconnecting the 12- volt battery

1. Shift the shift lever to P.

2. Open and close any of the doors.

3. Restart the hybrid system.

If the system will not start even after multiple attempts at all methods above, contact your Lexus dealer.


■Chemicals in the 12-volt battery The 12-volt battery contains poisonous and corrosive sulfuric acid and may produce hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. To reduce the risk of death or serious injury, take the following precautions while working on or near the 12- volt battery:

■Where to safely charge the 12-volt battery Always charge the 12-volt battery in an open area. Do not charge the 12-volt battery in a garage or closed room where there is insufficient ventilation.

■Emergency measures regarding electrolyte

■When disconnecting the 12-volt battery Do not disconnect the negative (-) terminal on the body side as shown. The disconnected negative (-) terminal may touch the positive (+) terminal, which may cause a short and result in death or serious injury.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance


■When recharging the 12-volt battery Never recharge the 12-volt battery while the hybrid system is operating. Also, be sure all accessories are turned off.

Removing the 12-volt battery maintenance cover

1. Lift the deck board and attach the hook.

2. Remove the left side deck board.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

3. Remove the cover after removing the chip.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Press
  2. Pull out


Make sure that the 12-volt battery terminals are not corroded and that there are no loose connections, cracks, or loose clamps.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Terminals
  2. Hold-down clamp

Installing the 12-volt battery maintenance cover

Insert the left side auxiliary box.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

  1. Push up center position
  2. Insert
  3. Press



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