Lexus NX: Do-it-yourself maintenance

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 Do-it-yourself service precautions

If you perform maintenance by yourself, be sure to follow the correct procedure as given in these sections. Maintenance Items Parts and tools 12-volt battery condition

 Engine compartment

Components Fuse box Engine coolant reservoir Engine oil filler cap Power control unit coolant reservoir Brake fluid reservoir Radiator Condenser Electric cooling fans Engine oi

 12-volt battery

Location The 12-volt battery is located in the left-hand side of luggage compartment. ■Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and exp


 Power Back Door cannot be Opened or Closed Using the Power Back Door Switch

DESCRIPTION When the power back door cannot be opened or closed using the combination switch assembly, one of the following may be malfunctioning: 1) combination switch assembly circuit, 2) multiplex network door ECU or 3) main body ECU (multiplex network body ECU). WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / NOTICE

 D-Seat ECU Vehicle Information Reading/Writing Process Malfunction (B15F8)

DESCRIPTION This DTC is stored when items controlled by the position control ECU assembly (driver seat) cannot be customized via the navigation system vehicle customization screen. HINT: The position control ECU assembly (driver seat) controls the front power seat control system (w/ Memory) related

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