Lexus NX: Air conditioning filter

The air conditioning filter must be changed regularly to maintain air conditioning efficiency.

Removal method

1. Turn the power switch off.

2. Open the glove box. Slide off the damper.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

3. Push in the glove box on the vehicle's outer side to disconnect the claws. Then pull out the glove box and disconnect the lower claws.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

4. Remove the filter cover.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

5. Remove the air conditioning filter and replace it with a new one.

The " UP" marks shown on the filter should be pointing up.

Lexus NX. Do-it-yourself maintenance

■Checking interval Inspect and replace the air conditioning filter according to the maintenance schedule.

In dusty areas or areas with heavy traffic flow, early replacement may be required.

(For scheduled maintenance information, please refer to the "Owner's Manual Supplement" or "Scheduled Maintenance".)

■If air flow from the vents decreases dramatically The filter may be clogged. Check the filter and replace if necessary.

■Air conditioning filter with deodorizing function When fragrances are placed in your vehicle, the deodorizing effect may become significantly weakened in a short period: When an air conditioning odor comes out continuously, replace the conditioning filter.


■When using the air conditioning system Make sure that a filter is always installed.

Using the air conditioning system without a filter may cause damage to the system.


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