Lexus NX: Refueling

Opening the fuel tank cap

Before refueling the vehicle

■Fuel tank opening for unleaded gasoline To help prevent incorrect fueling, your vehicle has a fuel tank opening that only accommodates the special nozzle on unleaded fuel pumps.

■If the malfunction indicator lamp illuminates The malfunction indicator lamp may illuminate erroneously if refueling is performed repeatedly when the fuel tank is nearly full.


■When refueling the vehicle Observe the following precautions while refueling the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury.

■When refueling Observe the following precautions to prevent fuel overflowing from the fuel tank:


■Refueling Do not spill fuel during refueling.

Doing so may damage the vehicle, such as causing the emission control system to operate abnormally, damaging fuel system components or the vehicle's painted surface.

Opening the fuel tank cap

1. With all doors unlocked, press the center of the rear edge of the fuel filler door.

Push inward and take your hand away to slightly open the fuel filler door. Then open the door fully by hand.

Lexus NX. Opening the fuel tank cap

2. Turn the fuel tank cap slowly to open and put it into the holder on the fuel filler door.

Lexus NX. Opening the fuel tank cap

Closing the fuel tank cap

1. After refueling, turn the fuel tank cap until you hear a click. Once the cap is released, it will turn slightly in the opposite direction.

Lexus NX. Opening the fuel tank cap

2. Close the fuel filler door, and press the center of the rear edge of the fuel filler door.

When you lock the doors, the fuel filler door will lock also.

Lexus NX. Opening the fuel tank cap

■Fuel filler door lock condition The fuel filler door may not be locked even when the vehicle's doors are locked in the following conditions:

■Warning buzzer for loose fuel cap When the power switch is in ON mode and the cap is loose, the buzzer sounds and a message is displayed on the multi-information display.


■When replacing the fuel tank cap Do not use anything but a genuine Lexus fuel tank cap designed for your vehicle.

Doing so may cause a fire or other incident which may result in death or serious injury.


 Using the driving support systems

 Lexus Safety System+ 2.0

The Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 consists of the following drive assist systems and contributes to a safe and comfortable driving experience: Driving assist system PCS (Pre-Collision System) LTA

 PCS (Pre-Collision System)

The pre-collision system uses a radar sensor and front camera to detect objects in front of the vehicle. When the system determines that the possibility of a frontal collision with an object is


 Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart

DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART Wireless Door Lock Control System DTC No. Detection Item Link B1242 Wireless Door Lock Tuner Circuit Malfunction


INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL BACK DOOR OUTSIDE GARNISH SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Attach the 12 clips to install the back door outside garnish sub-assembly. (b) Install the 4 bolts. Torque: 5.0 N·m {51 kgf·cm, 44 in·lbf} 2. INSTALL BACK DOOR TRIM BOARD ASSEMBLY Click here 3. INSTALL

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