Lexus NX: Repair Instruction

Lexus NX Service Manual / General / Introduction / Repair Instruction


 Inspection Mode Procedure

INSPECTION MODE PROCEDURE NOTICE: When operating the vehicle in inspection mode for an operation such as a speedometer test, a DTC may be set. Therefore, if the warning light comes on, after canceling


 Abbreviations Used In Manual

ABBREVIATIONS USED IN MANUAL Abbreviation Meaning ABS Anti-Lock Brake System A/C Air Conditioner AC Alternating Current ACC Accessory ACIS Acoustic Control Induction



REASSEMBLY CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Handle components indoors as much as possible to prevent foreign matter from entering and adhering to headlight assembly components. Do not reuse parts which have reduced fastening ability due to thread damage. When installing components, make sure t

 Airbag ECU Malfunction (B1000)

DESCRIPTION The airbag ECU assembly consists of a deceleration sensor, safing sensor, drive circuit, diagnosis circuit, ignition control, etc. If the airbag ECU assembly receives signals from the deceleration sensor, it determines whether or not the SRS should be activated. DTC B1000 is stored when

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