Lexus NX: General



 Repair Instruction

 Inspection Mode Procedure

INSPECTION MODE PROCEDURE NOTICE: When operating the vehicle in inspection mode for an operation such as a speedometer test, a DTC may be set. Therefore, if the warning light comes on, after canceling



INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL WINDSHIELD WIPER SWITCH ASSEMBLY (a) Attach the claw to install the windshield wiper switch assembly. (b) Connect each connector. 2. INSTALL UPPER STEERING COLUMN COVER (a) Attach the claw and install the upper steering column cover. (b) Attach the 4 clips and 2 gui

 System Description

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION HEADUP DISPLAY SYSTEM DESCRIPTION HINT: The meter mirror sub-assembly receives signals from the combination meter assembly via the CAN communication line. Information is displayed on the front window based on received signals. The meter mirror sub-assembly receives navigation

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