Lexus NX: General



 Repair Instruction

 Inspection Mode Procedure

INSPECTION MODE PROCEDURE NOTICE: When operating the vehicle in inspection mode for an operation such as a speedometer test, a DTC may be set. Therefore, if the warning light comes on, after canceling



INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL CABLE SUPPORT BRACKET (a) Install the cable support bracket to the rear suspension member sub-assembly with the 2 bolts. Torque: 6.0 N·m {61 kgf·cm, 53 in·lbf} 2. INSTALL REAR STABILIZER SUPPORT BRACKET LH (a) Install the rear stabilizer support bracket LH to th

 Rear Window Defogger System does not Operate

DESCRIPTION When the rear window defogger switch on the air conditioning control assembly is pressed, the operation signal is transmitted to the air conditioning amplifier assembly via LIN communication. When the air conditioning amplifier assembly receives the signal, it turns on the defogger relay

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