Lexus NX: Introduction


 Repair Instruction

 Inspection Mode Procedure

INSPECTION MODE PROCEDURE NOTICE: When operating the vehicle in inspection mode for an operation such as a speedometer test, a DTC may be set. Therefore, if the warning light comes on, after canceling



 System Description

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION POWER WINDOW CONTROL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) The power window control system controls the power window operation using the power window regulator motors. The main controls of this system are the multiplex network master switch assembly (mounted on the driver door), power window reg

 Visual Mute Signal Circuit between Radio Receiver and Multi-display

DESCRIPTION The radio receiver assembly sends a visual mute signal to the multi-display assembly. As a result, a black screen is inserted when the screen changes so that noise and distorted images are not displayed. When an open exists in the circuit, noise and distorted images will be displayed ins

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