Lexus NX: Using the air conditioning system and defogger

Lexus NX Owners Manual / Interior features / Using the air conditioning system and defogger


 Automatic air conditioning system

Air outlets and fan speed are automatically adjusted according to the temperature setting. Press the "MENU" button on the Remote Touch, then select to display the air conditioning control sc

 Heated steering wheel/seat heaters/ seat ventilators

Heated steering wheel Warm up the grip of the steering wheel Seat heaters Warm up the seat upholstery Seat ventilators Maintain good airflow on the seat upholstery by blowing air

 Using the interior lights

Interior lights list Location of the interior lights Outer foot lights Personal lights Front interior light Rear interior light Footwell lights When the power switch is in ON mo


 PCS (Pre-Collision System)

The pre-collision system uses a radar sensor and front camera to detect objects in front of the vehicle. When the system determines that the possibility of a frontal collision with an object is high, a warning operates to urge the driver to take evasive action and the potential brake pressur

 12-volt battery

Location The 12-volt battery is located in the left-hand side of luggage compartment. ■Before recharging When recharging, the 12-volt battery produces hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Therefore, observe the following precautions before recharging: If recharging with the

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