Lexus NX: Using the interior lights

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Interior lights list

Location of the interior lights

Lexus NX. Using the interior lights

  1. Outer foot lights
  2. Personal lights
  3. Front interior light
  4. Rear interior light
  5. Footwell lights

■Personal lights automatic on/off

■When front interior lights and personal lights do not respond as normal

■Customization Setting (e.g. the time elapsed before lights turn off) can be changed.


■Removing light lenses Never remove the lens for the front interior light and personal lights. Otherwise, the lights will be damaged. If the lens need to remove, contact your Lexus dealer.

■To prevent 12-volt battery discharge Do not leave the lights on longer than necessary when the hybrid system is off.

Operating interior lights

■ Front interior light Turns the light on/off (touch the light) The rear interior light also turns on/off.

However, when the rear interior light has already been turned on, it will not be controlled by front interior light operations.

Lexus NX. Using the interior lights

Turns the door position on/off

Lexus NX. Using the interior lights

  1. On

The front and rear interior lights turn on/ off when a door is opened/closed.

  1. Off

■ Rear interior light

Turns the light on/off

The rear interior light is also turned on/off by the front interior light operations.

If the light is turned on by front interior light operation, the rear interior light cannot turn off by pressing the switch.

Lexus NX. Using the interior lights

Operating personal lights

Turns the lights on/off (touch the lights)

Lexus NX. Using the interior lights


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