Lexus NX: When trouble arises

Lexus NX Owners Manual / When trouble arises


 Essential information

Emergency flashers The emergency flashers are used to warn other drivers when the vehicle has to be stopped in the road due to a breakdown, etc. Operating instructions Press the switch. All

 Steps to take in an emergency

 If your vehicle needs to be towed

If towing is necessary, we recommend having your vehicle towed by your Lexus dealer or commercial towing service, using a wheel-lift type truck or flatbed truck. Use a safety chain system for a


 Heated steering wheel/seat heaters/ seat ventilators

Heated steering wheel Warm up the grip of the steering wheel Seat heaters Warm up the seat upholstery Seat ventilators Maintain good airflow on the seat upholstery by blowing air from the seats WARNING ■To prevent minor burn injuries Care should be taken if anyone in the fo

 Fuel information

You must only use unleaded gasoline in your vehicle. Select octane rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher. Use of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating lower than 87 may result in engine knocking. Persistent knocking can lead to engine damage. At minimum, the gasoline you use s

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