Lexus NX: Lexus Enform


 Lexus Enform Safety Connect

Safety Connect is a subscriptionbased telematics service that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data and embedded cellular technology to provide safety and security features to subscribers. Sa

 Lexus Enform Remote

Lexus Enform Remote is a cellular phone application that lets you view and remotely control certain aspects of your vehicle. For details about the functions and services of this application, re

 Hybrid system


 Operation Check

OPERATION CHECK HINT: This function shows the telematics network status when the DCM (telematics transceiver) was operated. Use this when no DTC is present but this telematics system was unable to connect to the call center. This symptom may occur if cell phone signal strength is very weak. Thi


INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. PRECAUTION CAUTION: Be sure to read precaution thoroughly before servicing. Click here 2. INSTALL REAR TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR INITIATOR (a) Install the rear tire pressure monitor initiator with the 2 nuts. Torque: 8.3 N·m {85 kgf·cm, 73 in·lbf} (b) Connect the grommet.

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