Lexus NX: Lexus Enform Remote

Lexus Enform Remote is a cellular phone application that lets you view and remotely control certain aspects of your vehicle.

For details about the functions and services of this application, refer to

Function of the Lexus Enform Remote is achieved by using an embedded cellular device in the vehicle (DCM: Data Communication Module).


After you sign the Telematics Subscription Service Agreement, download the Lexus Enform Remote app from your cellular phone's app store, and register within the app (or enroll and complete registration at the dealer), you can begin using these services. A variety of subscription terms are available. Contact your Lexus dealer, or call 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800- 255-3987) for further subscription details.

■Availability of service Lexus Enform Remote is not available in some countries or areas.

■Lexus Enform Remote Information

■Safety information for Lexus Enform Remote Refer to the safety information for Safety Connect.

Lexus Enform Service Connect

Lexus Enform Service Connect uses embedded telematics hardware to collect and transmit vehicle data that allows Lexus to provide:

For details about this service and how to register, refer to

The Lexus Enform Service Connect is achieved by using a Data Communication Module (DCM) built in the vehicle.

■Availability of service Lexus Enform Service Connect is not available in some countries or areas.

■Lexus Enform Service Connect Information Availability of functions of the Lexus Enform Service Connect is dependent on network reception level.

■Safety information for Lexus Enform Service Connect Refer to the safety information for Safety Connect.


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