Lexus NX: Power Source & Network

Lexus NX Service Manual / Power Source & Network


 2ar-fxe (battery / Charging)

 Auxiliary Battery


REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. PRECAUTION NOTICE: After turning the power switch off, waiting time may be required before disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) auxiliary battery terminal. Click here


 Vehicle Speed Signal (C1541)

DESCRIPTION The power steering ECU assembly receives vehicle speed signals from the skid control ECU (brake booster with master cylinder assembly) via CAN communication. The ECU provides appropriate assisting force in accordance with the vehicle speed based on the signals. DTC No. Detection Ite

 Switch Operation of Remote Touch not Accepted

CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: When replacing the radio receiver assembly, always replace it with a new one. If a radio receiver assembly which was installed to another vehicle is used, the following may occur: A communication malfunction DTC may be stored. The radio receiver assembly may not

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