Lexus NX: Navigation System



PRECAUTION PRECAUTION FOR DISCONNECTING CABLE FROM NEGATIVE AUXILIARY BATTERY TERMINAL NOTICE: After the power switch is turned off, the radio receiver assembly records various types of memory and set

 Parts Location

PARTS LOCATION ILLUSTRATION *A w/ Parking Assist Monitor System *B w/ Panoramic View Monitor System *1 NO. 2 ENGINE ROOM RELAY BLOCK - DCM FUSE (w/ Manual [SOS] Switch) - ECU-B NO.1 FU

 System Diagram



 Noise Occurs or Sound Skips when Portable Player Plays

CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Perform this check with the portable player volume set at an appropriate level. Make sure that there are no obstructions between the portable player and radio receiver assembly that may block signals, and that the portable player and radio receiver assembly are not

 SRS airbags

The SRS airbags inflate when the vehicle is subjected to certain types of severe impacts that may cause significant injury to the occupants. They work together with the seat belts to help reduce the risk of death or serious injury. SRS airbag system ■ Location of the SRS airbags SRS front

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