Lexus NX: Engine & Hybrid System

Lexus NX Service Manual / Engine & Hybrid System


 2ar-fxe (cooling)


ReplacementREPLACEMENT PROCEDURE 1. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT CAUTION: Do not remove the reservoir cap while the engine assembly and radiator assembly are still hot. Pressurized, hot engine coolant and st

 Cooling Fan Ecu

On-vehicle InspectionON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT COOLING FAN ECU (a) Check and ensure the following conditions: (1) The power switch is off. (2) The engine coolant temperature is less



REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE HORN BUTTON ASSEMBLY Click here 2. REMOVE CRUISE CONTROL MAIN SWITCH (a) Remove the 2 screws. *a Guide (b) Detach the guide. (c) Disconnect the connector and remove the cruise control main switch.

 Side Satellite Sensor Bus Lost Communication (RH) (B1642,B1643,B1647,B1648)

DESCRIPTION The circuit for the side collision sensor LH or RH is composed of the airbag ECU assembly, side airbag sensor assembly LH or RH and door side airbag sensor LH or RH. The door side airbag sensor LH or RH and side airbag sensor assembly LH or RH detect impacts to the vehicle and send signa

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