Lexus NX: Engine & Hybrid System

Lexus NX Service Manual / Engine & Hybrid System


 2ar-fxe (cooling)


ReplacementREPLACEMENT PROCEDURE 1. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT CAUTION: Do not remove the reservoir cap while the engine assembly and radiator assembly are still hot. Pressurized, hot engine coolant and st

 Cooling Fan Ecu

On-vehicle InspectionON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT COOLING FAN ECU (a) Check and ensure the following conditions: (1) The power switch is off. (2) The engine coolant temperature is less


 Open in One Side of Bus 5 Branch Line

DESCRIPTION When the CAN bus main lines are normal (no open, short to ground, short to +B or short between lines) and there is an ECU or sensor on the "Communication Bus Check" screen that is indicated as not communicating or whose connection status on the "Communication Bus Check" screen changes in

 Rough Idling (P1605)

DESCRIPTION When the engine is idling stably under a low load, if the idle speed drops or becomes unstable, this DTC will be stored. Read freeze frame data using the Techstream. The ECM records vehicle and driving condition information as freeze frame data the moment a DTC is stored. When troublesho

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